New games at Microgaming Mobile Casino

May 15th, 2017
posted by saraan 7:01 am

Microgaming was one of the very first online available casinos, and today it doesn’t only lead the desktop casinos, but it also provides us an outstanding mobile application through which users can enjoy the great variety of splendid mobile casino games and slots that Microgaming has to offer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting upcoming games that Microgaming has in store for its many, globally spread players. They have created 3 new magnificent games that will be released this upcoming March 2017.

Pollen Party – It’s the bee’s knees!

One of the exciting new games is Pollen Party. This is a popular slot game, with a sweet touch to it. It’s unique design and adorable bees make it an unforgettable playing experience. It has an easy-to-use layout and you will be sure to come across many sticky free spins! It counts with an impressive 720 way variable reel, making it a stunning slot game experience. Don’t forget to pick a pollen-prize in the Babee bonus!! You will bee buzzing with delight!

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Emperor of the Sea – Be careful not to get hooked!

Emperor of the sea is another of the newly presented slot game, that has risen from the deep blue ocean. With its happy tunes, and it’s asain-alike layout, it is guaranteed to provide you with hours of slot-fun. One of the best features is that it allows its players to choose their own payline option. They can choose out of the different numbers 38, 68 or 88. These three numbers each stand for prosperity in the Asian culture. Aside from this, it offers its users fun free spins, and it charms the players with beautiful graphic effects, such as gorgeous blue fireworks shooting around meanwhile the player waits for the new symbols to drop.

Both the Emperor of the sea and the Pollen Party will become available on Microgaming on the 1st of March 2017. Shorty after this thrilling release, Microgaming has another surprise for us in store. Mid-March they will be launching another enchanting slot game.

The Heat is On – So much fun, it’s a crime!

In this new, 45 payline slot game, in which you will be closely following after the enticing burglar Selina, on her mission to rob the banks precious treasures. But be careful, she is persecuted by the dangerous Officer Jean. Be sure to keep an eye out for Special-forces helicopters, motorcycles and flashy fast cars. The game presents two wild symbols, and even offers the possibility of triggering over 80 free spins! The Heat is On is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, the 22nd of March 2017. So be sure to follow Selina the Burglar on this hot, wild quest for gold!


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